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About Us

It was the next step in my father's career as a salesman on the road selling big and tall clothing to retailers on the west coast.


Realizing the need for a Big & Tall Men's clothing store in the Tri-Counties, my father, Nathan "Nate" Singer, along with my mom, Fay Singer, opened the first of what would become a small chain.  They worked very hard for many years before they could realize their dream.  1975, the year I graduated from high school, Dad & Mom opened the doors of Singer's Big & Tall, Oxnard.  A rough start, my mom with a broken wrist and my dad recovering from eye surgery, they knew they did the right thing.


The store was well received in the community and the customers were grateful for the opportunity to "buy off the rack", clothing that fit.  My parents invited me to work at the store and as a result it became a family business.  The following year my brother, Bob Singer, joined in.


Many years later, long after opening our seventh store, Nate passed away.  Two years later, my mother passed away.  Losing my parents was devastating to our family, business acquaintances and the many customers they knew as friends. 


In 2006, my brother Bob, after 31 years in the business, decided to retire.  I was faced with a huge decision.  Do I carry on the family business that my father started so long ago?  You bet!  But in order to provide Superior Service, I would need to downsize. Closing all but the Santa Barbara store enabled me to provide over the top customer service to all of my valued customers.


With my wife Ellen joining me in the business and our dog Fargo tagging along, we are back as a family business and are the Mom & Pop of Big & Tall clothing stores once again! 


I'm grateful to my wonderful family and friends, extraordinary customers, staff and my incredibly brave parents making it possible for me to continue doing what I enjoy so much.  


We hope you will come in and let us help you find what you're looking for!

Thank You!


Bruce Singer

Singer's Big & Tall

Santa Barbara

It is with heavy hearts, that we share with you that our sweet Fargo passed away on Monday,  March 20th, 2017.  
Thank you so much to all of you who loved him,
came into the store "just to see him",
and welcomed him into your hearts.  

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